Lines, Surfaces, Structures - Transparency and Inter-spaces in Light

The basic concept of my philosophical reflections is transparency in relation to time and space. It expresses itself in layers, respectively in inter-spaces. Polarity as well as the exchange of energy between spirituality and materiality find their own expression, representing the joyful and the shadowy sides of my life. The circle as the symbol of spirituality and the square as the symbol of materiality express the transition of medium between these powers. My interest lies in the creative use of their possible combinations. Colour does not become visible through light but light penetrates into the colour. Thus, the polarity between the two structures is transferred, the structures resulting from these combination and their new shaping acquires a new form. For me personally, light is an elementary point in life. The enjoyment of light comes to its full effect when my works are seen in daylight, though the aspects of shadow play an important role as well. The works also react to changes of weather (due to different light intensity), and therefore each time they have to be looked at in a different way. I have tried to express these qualities in two basic materials: paper gives unanticipated possibilities of shaping....., acrylic glass offers itself as an ideal means of to articulate the language mentioned. Originally intended for industrial use, this material appears to produce an interesting side effect: my work endows it with a new, human dimension.

Another very interesting aspect of the exhibition is the natural polarity between inter-space (strict geometry) as well as architectonic background/external space and the organic elements of nature.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I have tried to create a new dimension in painting - from the classical picture to the pictureobject in light. Only time will show if and to what extent I have succeeded.