Metamorphoses of Joy - Forms, Colours, Light

Dagmar Kunert


The circle, the square, the point and the line - geometrical shapes as elements of order are composed as primary traces of Gabriela Medvedova. Arranged in playful sequences and structures, they are always subordinated to a system. Rationality would be spread in the familiar cosmos, were it not for colours. Radiant, almost dazzling, cheerful, they convey sensual colour tones and the spectrum of colours. The artist's most recent works are again rendered in a fine perspective - the golden, silver and copper coloured shapes and rhythms are reminiscent of Art Nouveau. Like a game of dominoes, they follow a pattern that leads the viewer from one motif to another, to the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious, suspended between reason and emotion. Against the background of everyday reality Medvedova constructs a projection surface of happiness, sensuality and harmony, which appears to surround the viewer almost as sounds and spatial impression. While in earlier stages of her work light and the transparency of materials were of central importance, this acquired experience is increasingly transferred to the medium of colour and to materials. Thus, the artist crosses anew the boundaries between reality and our emotional world. She has also left behind the geographical and linguistic boundaries. Born in 1965 in Slovakia, she completed her studies of art in Bratislava, Karlsruhe and Vienna. Through her picture, objects and installations, she comes to grips with transparency, light, shapes, materials and colours, achieving transformation and polarity. She lives and works in Vienna.